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S&G Builders LLC is known as one of the top home renovation companies in Worcester, MA. However, we don’t just work on complete renovation projects — we also help our clients with fixing and replacing damaged siding. Call us to use our siding repair and installation services!

Siding Repair

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their siding. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake! If you want to protect your home from damage and maintain its curb appeal, you need to ensure that its siding is always in good condition.

One way to do this is to fix your siding as soon as you notice that it’s damaged. For instance, if your siding has become loose, reattach it to the stud right away. If some of the siding boards were blown off by strong winds, replace them ASAP. By paying attention to loose or missing siding boards, you’ll maintain the structural integrity of your property’s building envelope and ensure that it can do its job well of keeping water away from your home.

Of course, don’t just focus on a loose and missing siding. Even if your siding boards are intact, you should take the time to inspect them and see if they’re in excellent condition. If they’re warped, cracked, or rotten, it’s time to call a siding repair expert like us.

Siding Installation

Aside from fixing siding, we also work on siding installation. Installing new siding is ideal if your old siding boards are too old or damaged and can no longer be repaired. There’s no need to worry, though, since our crew members will take care of the entire installation process. They’ll source high-quality siding boards that are durable and hard-wearing, and they’ll ensure that your new siding is installed according to the highest standards.

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S&G Builders LLC is one of the best home renovation companies to hire if you need help with siding issues. Call (508) 203-6823 now to use our siding repair and installation solutions in Worcester, MA!

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