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3 Common Roof Safety Hazards a Roofing Contractor Can Handle

Identifying Roof Safety Hazards With a Contractor

A professional roofing contractor handles a wide range of roofing jobs, from installing new roofing to repairing and maintaining existing roofs. Because the work is high off the ground, whether for homeowners doing DIY or professional roofers, roofing can be dangerous work. Doing roof repairs comes with a risk of falls and other injuries, making it essential for roofers to follow certain procedures. Roofers must have the right kinds of equipment and knowledge to get the job done safely. Quality roofing companies make sure their workers follow a few important safety protocols to stay safe on the job and reduce the risk of injuries.

Fall Hazards

Always watch out for fall hazards when working at heights. Basic questions to ask yourself and your team should be: Is the structure strong enough to support the weight? Are there holes to watch out for? Are guardrails available for workers? Are ladders properly placed and not defective? Use an inspection checklist to ask the right questions and assess fall hazards when working from heights.

Power Tools

Power tools are essential when working on rooftops. However, if improperly used at heights, power tools can inflict serious damage to workers as well as cause slips and falls. Ensure your team is properly trained to handle power tools and that they are not defective.


The construction industry is most at risk from electrical hazards, accounting for 52% of all electrical fatalities in the US workplace. Workers most at risk of electrical hazards include those working on rooftops and near power lines. Improper handling of electrical equipment can cause massive electrical shock, burns, fires, and death. Conduct regular electrical safety checks to identify and control possible causes of electrocution to prevent accidents.

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